The Cycling DOT

When an ultra-distance cyclist is out on the road, he becomes a dot on the map for others. A dot with a story.

The Cycling DOT: during ultra-distance cycling events riders carry a satellite tracker which makes them traceable and viewable on a map. Keeping track of this map is called dot-watching.

This website is meant to be a resource and inspiration for bikepacking and ultra-distance cycling. My name is Eric Kampherbeek and I’m an ultra-distance cyclist and photographer.

Latest wirtings about ultra-distance cycling

Check out my latest writings. When a new adventure is coming up you can follow my progress in real time in the **LIVE** section on this website.


Do you have the wish to cycle ultra distances as well, but never got to it or don’t know how to train for it? Maybe I can help.

Every now and then I organize cycling clinics. These clinics can range from a single day event up to a 3 days event. We cycle together and during breaks, before we start and after we finish I tell you all you need to know to get you into ultra-distance cycling. These clinics are always with just a small group of people.
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